David is an experienced and sought-after speaker, primarily for Christian-based events (students, adults, sports, churches). He also does some corporate and civic events. Below are frequently asked questions and previews of some of his signature presentations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I book David for my event?
A: Email or call us (1-888-646-2233) with the following details of your event: location, proposed date and time, audience demographic and size, desired message and length, and your contact information.

Q: What is David’s speaking fee?
A: David’s speaking fee varies based on the type of event and the amount of travel required.  Once we know the details of your events, we will be able to be more specific with a speaking fee or honorarium amount.

Q: Where can I get promotional and introductory information about David for my event?
A: We will email you pictures for fliers, and you can take bio information off this website. David also has a five-minute intro tennis highlight video that can be played.

Q: What does our event need to provide?
A: Podium, wireless microphone (preferred), and projector and screen (if the presentation includes PowerPoint). David will bring his own laptop and remote if PowerPoint is used.

Signature Speaking Topics


Based on David’s popular book, University of Destruction — Your Game Plan for Spiritual Victory on Campus, this presentation can be delivered in one to four sessions for Christian schools, youth groups, or parents.

In this presentation, David explains why as many as 50% of professing Christian students say they have lost their faith after four years in college, gives a scouting report on the three Pillars of Peril on campus (sexual immorality, drugs/alcohol, and humanism), details the ultimate motivation to overcome them, and solves the all-important riddle of the Professor vs. Possessor with a tennis racquet demonstration.

Beyond just focusing on the problem, David goes on to lay out a time-tested, practical game plan for being an Overcomer on campus. David will show you how to execute your game plan by focusing on the fundamentals of your faith–your spiritual G.P.A. He will even give advice on choosing the right college and help you get back on track, if you have gone astray. Woven throughout is David’s personal faith story and an excellent PowerPoint presentation.

Whether you are a student, the parent of a student, or someone who wants to live a victorious Christian life, this message is powerful and life changing!

Presentation length: from one session (40 minutes) to four sessions.


“David Wheaton is an engaging speaker to the hearts and minds of young people. His message is challenging, heartfelt, and comforting. Students cannot listen to his message and remain neutral in their faith commitment. He gives them the opportunity to assess their walk with the Lord, and then challenges them to “get off the fence” and make a stand for their faith. It is productive and without excuses. In an age when many youth presentations are mere entertainment, it is refreshing to hear David Wheaton engage our young people to think and assess.”
Dr. Paul Norby, Headmaster, Southwest Christian High School (Minnesota)

“David Wheaton’s sessions with both our students and parents were eye opening. His presentation woke us up to the challenges on campus and the need to prepare our students prior to their reaching the collegiate level. David’s personal testimony reinforces both his book, ‘University of Destruction’ and his presentation. I highly recommend him to your Christian school or church.”
Jim Hopson, Headmaster, Sante Fe Christian School (San Diego)

“I have really enjoyed having David come to speak with us, especially being a junior. I have learned a lot about how to become an Overcomer and how to not fall into the traps that are at college. I enjoyed his speaking style and how each day he somehow involves the students. He makes it fun and very interesting at the same time. He tells the facts and how it is; he doesn’t try to make it sound better or worse. David was very helpful to me and many other students who are preparing to go to college and I would hope that could come back next year to remind us again how to stay clear and pure at college.”
Student, Southwest Christian High School (Chaska, MN)


A biblical and evangelistic message, David describes how a good Christian upbringing and childhood profession of faith were not enough to keep him from going his own way in high school, college, and his early years on the pro tennis tour. Even in the midst of great outward success, David experienced a deep inward conflict due to not being right with God.

Through a sequence of events, David finally came to realize his sinfulness and need for God’s mercy and grace. At 24 years old, in the middle of his tennis career, David repented and put his faith in Jesus Christ. A life- and eternity-changing process had begun.

Suitable for all ages, defining moments from David’s life and tennis career, pictures, and a tennis racquet demonstration accompany the message. A five-minute highlight video can also be shown.

Presentation length: 5 to 45 minutes


Tossed his first balls by his mother when he was just four years old, David developed into one of the top professional tennis players in the world. He went from the public courts down the street to the Centre Court at Wimbledon. David shares memorable stories about his first tournament, his junior tennis years, the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy, the NCAA Championship at Stanford, and his 13 years on the professional tennis tour.

Presentation length: depends on event

BUILDING A CHAMPION’S HOME: Four Steps to Fulfilling Success

Based on his experience and success as a professional athlete, radio talk show host, collegiate coach, and now professional communicator, David offers an important, motivational message on reaching your greatest potential in business and life all the while gaining true fulfillment from the “career home” you are building.

Four critical stages of building are metaphorically detailed:

  1. Forming a plan
  2. Framing it up
  3. Finishing it off
  4. Final inspection

This is a seminal message applicable for anyone in any field of business. PowerPoint and video clips from the movie “Chariots of Fire” accompany the presentation.  A follow-up breakout session/workshop is also available to help attendees personalize the message.

Keynote length: 60 minutes

Workshop length: 60-90 minutes


David: Your “Building a Champion’s Home” presentation at our President’s Club last Saturday evening was not only highly enjoyable (loved your stories and tennis racquet demonstrations!), but also profoundly important and impactful. In founding and presiding over Metro Sales since 1969, I can say from experience that your four fundamental steps to becoming a champion are absolutely vital. It’s true: successful and fulfilled employees are the key to a “champion” business. On behalf of Metro Sales, thank you!
Jerry Mathwig, President, Metro Sales, Inc.

David – your approach to winning was fantastic and very relevant to my audience of financial professionals. The ability to guide your listeners in discovering what motivates them to perform was truly a highlight of our workshop. Your message on being satisfied with your performance whether you win or lose – was one that resonated with our workshop participants. In a world of self-gratification and an attitude of ‘what have you done for me lately’ this was a very meaningful message.”
Scott Yeomans, National Training Coach, RBC Dain Rauscher

Our company desired a keynote speaker with the discipline of a professional athlete to talk about setting goals followed by execution. David met that criterion perfectly with a polished, encouraging and uplifting talk. He smoothly incorporated our meeting’s theme into his presentation and delivered it with passion and enthusiasm. I would earnestly recommend him.”
Charlie Mitchell, CEO/President, Motion Control Group, Inc.

“Thank you so much for making such a phenomenal presentation to our team of managers the other night. The feedback continues to be overwhelmingly positive and it is clear that your message was very well received by the group. Countless managers, unsolicited, approached me after the meeting and commented on how much they enjoyed what you had to share with them. Your ability to speak of what it takes to be a winner and relate it to everyday work related challenges really connected with the audience. Our team is poised to “win” in 2008, thanks to your inspiration!”
Lorne Goldberg, CEO, Leeann Chin, Inc.

TEAMWORK: The Power of Some Over One

Some of David’s greatest success, memories, and learning experiences during his three-decade tennis career, came when he was part of a team: NCAA team champions at Stanford, Wimbledon senior doubles champion, U.S. Davis Cup team member, and head coach of the University of Minnesota men’s tennis team.

Game-tested principles that lead to successful teamwork in sports are the same ones that are paramount in the office. In this important presentation, David shares examples, both positive and negative, from his many team experiences and articulates three qualities that team members must possess in order to maximize “the power of some over one.”

Keynote length: 40-60 minutes

More Speaking Feedback:

David’s speaking skills are finely tuned, like his performance as a world class tennis player. He is always prepared with an interesting and polished presentation.” Speaking engagement on tennis.

David – your approach to winning was fantastic and very relevant to my audience of financial professionals. The ability to guide your listeners in discovering what motivates them to perform was truly a highlight of our workshop. Your message on being satisfied with your performance whether you win or lose – was one that resonated with our workshop participants. In a world of self-gratification and an attitude of ‘what have you done for me lately’ this was a very meaningful message.” Business conference.

David’s presentation was articulate, grammatically correct and clear, with a well-organized outline that was easy to follow. He has a very comfortable speaking style and presence that puts one at ease when listening. There was good energy in his presentation–creative and to the point.” Faith story presentation.

David develops excellent rapport, shares stories from his own life to which the audience can relate, and challenges young people to examine their own lives. David is young enough to be believable to teenagers and mature enough to know what to tell them.” Youth group event.

David was exactly who our group needed to hear. We are all going off to college soon and his message was perfect for students our age. He put together a presentation that not only captivated seventeen- and eighteen-year-olds but also gave us wisdom and advice, something that we hardly ever take from our parents and teachers. David utilized his experiences, as a tennis player and a human being in order to teach the most valuable lesson – the lesson of life. We are truly better off because we had David talk to us.” President, Minnetonka High School National Honor Society